Intro to Python

5 Hours

Instructed by Aditya Sahasranam

"Intro to Python" is an intensive 5-hour course, expertly crafted to take you through the essentials of Python programming language. Led by seasoned instructor, Aditya Sahasranam, this course promises an enriching learning experience that initiates you into the fundamental principles of Python, providing the skills to successfully create a comprehensive project incorporating all methods learned.

The course is thoughtfully structured into seven chapters. It starts with Data Types and Variables, providing an introduction to Python's basic building blocks. This is followed by Lists and Loops, a deep dive into the power of iterative operations in Python. Then, we move onto Conditionals and Functions, where you'll learn to create dynamic functions and use logical statements for effective decision-making.

To ensure that these concepts are well-grasped, we have dedicated Chapter 4 to a thorough review and exercise, enabling you to consolidate your understanding and clear any doubts. Next, the course takes a leap into Python's unique data structures with Dictionaries, and then into Modules, where you'll learn how to import and use Python's vast array of standard libraries. Finally, the course concludes with a Final Project, providing you an opportunity to integrate all your newly-acquired skills into a singular project, proving your mastery over the language.

Curriculum Overview

Lesson 1: Data Types and Variables

Lesson 2: Lists and Loops

Lesson 3: Conditionals and Functions

Lesson 4: Review & Exercise

Lesson 5: Dictionaries

Lesson 6: Modules

Lesson 7: Final Project

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