Intro to SQL

8 Hours

Instructed by Aviral Dhingra


Welcome to Tech Optimum's comprehensive course on SQL, RDBMS, and Databases. We start by introducing you to the fundamentals of Databases and SQL, including the core concept of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), setting a strong foundation for you to understand the complex structures of data handling. Our course is designed to provide a hands-on approach to SQL, featuring PostgreSQL as our main RDBMS tool. We guide you from the basics of downloading and installing PostgreSQL to mastering its basic commands, ensuring you're well-equipped to interact with databases confidently.

As we dive deeper, we cover essential operations like creating databases and tables, inserting, updating, and deleting rows, understanding various data types, and the concept of primary keys, all crucial for database management. In addition, we'll provide you with the necessary skills to select, filter, and sort data, along with teaching you how to use different SQL operators. The course also features a section on importing and exporting external data, empowering you to work with various data sources.

Curriculum Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to Databases

Lesson 2: PostgreSQL Setup

Lesson 3: Creating a Database

Lesson 4: Importing & Exporting External Data

Lesson 5: Advanced SQL

Lesson 6: Database Design & Normalization

Lesson 7: SQL Functions & Stored Procedures

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